Buying Trees Online

Buying trees online can be a very good experience if you buy from good places. Looking for recommendations to buy trees online can be hard to find and you may find a lot of conflicting info. So, where do I recommend looking?

Buying Trees Online, Buy Trees For Sale

There are a couple of places I can recommend solidly to buy plants from online. Everytime I buy from them the experience has been perfect. One is Stark Bros Nursery and the other is Weaver Family Farms Nursery

Both of these nurseries happen to be in Missouri, while many wholesale nurseries for growers tend to come from Tennessee, good online plant nursery’s for a normal person need of othe two places listed above. Each of these only nurseries are a little bit different. I’ll tell you why.

Weaver Family Farms Nursery is a small family owned business that does mail shipping only, no physical location to visit. They do a wonderful job shipping, it’s what they do. They raise many native trees, as well shrubs, and some interesting food plants such as strawberries, honeyberries, blackberries and more. You will also find this nursery prices are very affordable.

Buying Trees Online, Buy Trees For Sale

Stark bros is a nursery that started a long time ago and it’s a quite large business. They have great fruit trees is what they specialize in. Their prices are definitely higher, but they have expensive grafted named fruit varieties to choose from. They offer a warranty on the plants they buy, while your paying a lot more for the plant for them to offer the warranty, while weaver family farms nursery doesn’t have a warranty other than the plant to arrive safely, but their plants are quite a bit cheaper in price than stark bros.

Both are Amazing nurseries that ship all growing season long. Check them out depending on what you are looking for.

Weaver Family Farms Nursey

Stark Bros Nursery

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