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Buying trees online and having them shipped in the mail can sound like a very scary thought and if you have never done it before, it may sound totally impossible for a tree to be sent in the mail for days, and survive, be planted by you, and go on to be a fully healthy plant and thrive and do well. But guess what? Thousands of trees and plants are shipped through the mail by nurseries around the USA every single day! Very few of them tend to have problem, as long as you choose the right nursery to purchase from.

Unfortunately, there are websites that will straight up scam you and never send anything, there are nurseries that will sell cheap plants and then months later you will get some dead sticks in the mail in a clear bag in the mail, and they will never answer emails, calls and have 0 warranty’s even though the plant was dead on arrival and pretty sure it was sent out dead but they don’t even care! We personally ordered a tree once from one of these large places, the trees literally didn’t have any roots on them, there was no moist anything in the bag, they were just some dry sticks stapled in a clear baggy that arrived in the mail smashed, bent, dry and dead. True story! Upon looking up reviews of this place, it happens to 99% of the other customers too it looks like based upon this nurseries reviews, but this article here is not made to slam anyone. If we do a review on them later, it will be an entire article made just for them, like an arrow fired right at the bulls eye without any other distractions 🎯

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Do you know what asp sounds like a scary task to others? Going to a nursery or a store and trying to pick out what plant or tree species to get, where to plant it, how to plant it, and then once you figure out which kind you want, picking out the healthy one or perfect one that you should pick out can be hard! luckily, you don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable, because while it may sound easy to walk into a store or nursery, pick up a tree, pay, go home and throw it in a hole, there is a 99% chance your tree or plant will not live and you just wasted your hard earned cash. If you are going to buy in person, find a small family farm nursery or small business where the owners or employees can be trusted to help you with your journey to get you what you need and can help you with care, planting, etc.

Buy Trees Online Shipped To Your Home, Buy Trees For Sale

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If you get trees online from the right places, you can actually save money, and have the highly rated nursery pick the best stock they have at the time to send to you based upon the choice of all the unlimited information you can find online or on their website and not be rushed to a decision, like you may be in a store. Below we are going to recommend a few nurseries that we can 100% stand behind and recommend! These places care about their customers, and depend on you to stay open and thrive, so you are everything to them and they will treat you as a friend, not just another dollar. We hope this list helps you and we hope you are able to find what you are looking for! Get trees online, it’s not scary and it’s rare for anything to go wrong when you choose the right place! Good luck to you 😊

Weaver Family Farms Nursery

Panter Nursery

Green Thumbs Garden

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