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Red maples trees are awesome to say the least! They grow fast, they usually don’t get super massive, they have dark red leaves in the fall, & they are easy to take care of! This is a native, classic tree you do not want to miss.

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Red maple trees Bring tone to your scene all year. Green stems become red in winter, new leaves are red-touched, going to green. The fall tone is dark red or yellow. Blossoms are likewise red. Quickly developing and lenient toward many soils. Develops to 40′ to 60′, 40′ spread. (zones 3-9) Consuming .03% of dry withered passes on can make harmfulness ponies. This is an extremely famous tree and is known to be speedy developing and renowned for fall color

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Information about Red Maple Trees

Name: Red Maple Other Names: Acer Rubrum Grow Zone: 3 to 9 Growth Speed: Fast Light Requirements: Likes full sun Average Full Grown Height: 40’ to 60’ Average Full Grown Width: 35’ to 45’ Deciduous (loses Leaves) Or Evergreen (Holds Foilage All Year): Deciduous

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