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If you’re looking for fast-growing trees to add to your landscape, buying online can be a convenient option. Here are some popular fast-growing tree options that you can consider:

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  1. Hybrid Poplar: Hybrid poplar trees are known for their rapid growth, often reaching heights of 5-8 feet per year. They have a straight and tall growth habit, making them suitable for creating privacy screens or windbreaks. These can be very weak and short lived though
  2. Weeping Willow: Weeping willow trees are known for their graceful, drooping branches and fast growth rate. They can add a unique aesthetic to your landscape while providing shade and privacy.
  3. Sycamore : these trees get very large and have very big leaves, make a very good shade tree.
  4. Leyland Cypress: As mentioned earlier, Leyland Cypress is a popular evergreen tree known for its fast growth and dense foliage. It can create a tall and dense privacy screen in a relatively short period of time. Green giant is a better alternative.
  5. Northern Catalpa: Northern Catalpa trees are known for their large heart-shaped leaves and unique flowers. They are fast-growing and can reach heights of up to 60 feet, making them suitable for providing shade and privacy in larger landscapes.
  6. Silver Maple: Silver Maple trees are known for their rapid growth and ability to tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. They can provide quick shade and privacy in landscapes with ample space.
  7. Red Maple: red maple are good for fast growing shade trees that give red colors in the fall.
  8. River Birch: these trees tend to grow along river banks in the wild. They have beautiful peeling bark and they grow fast.

When buying fast-growing trees online, it’s important to choose a reputable source that offers high-quality and healthy trees. Look for online nurseries or tree farms with positive reviews, reliable shipping options, and good customer service.

Take into consideration the specific growing conditions and climate in your area to select the right trees for your landscape. Always follow proper planting and care instructions provided by the seller or a qualified horticulturist for the best chances of success. With careful selection and proper care, you can enjoy the benefits of fast-growing trees in your landscape for years to come.


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